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Elements of the corporate emblem

The corporate emblem is the most important element of our visual appearance. It is a signature, guaranteeing quality and accountability. The corporate emblem of VTI Technologies Oy includes a sign and a logo. The logo consists of the words “VTI” and “Technologies”. The sign is a symbol representing a sensor.

The size and margins of the corporate emblem

The corporate emblem must be at least 20mm and preferably 30mm wide. With A4-sized publications the recommended height of the emblem is 10mm. There must always be a margin of at least half the height of the emblem around the corporate emblem.
VTI logo margins



  • Corporate emblem: Sign and logo together

  • Logo: A typographic expression of the company name

  • Sign: The visual symbol of the company

The corporate emblem of VTI Technologies Oy must always be used as it is and the logo and sign cannot be separated from each other. The proportions and dimensions of the corporate emblem cannot be changed or stretched. Additionally, the logo font must not be changed and additional elements such as text or drawings cannot be embedded into it. The corporate emblem must only be used horizontally.

Different versions of the corporate emblem

In its standard form, the VTI Technologies Oy corporate emblem is red against a white base. If the emblem is placed on a colored base, it must stand out clearly from the base. If color printing is possible, we recommend the use of the basic red emblem. The colored version of the emblem can also be used in its negative form, with the logo and sign being white against a red base. The red color of the emblem is defined from a CMYK series.

The corporate emblem can also be used as a black and white version. Against a black base it can also be presented as a white version, in its negative form

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