color sensor of silicann
With the color sensor PCS-I/PCS-I-F Silicann Technologies is closing the gap between already existing simple compact units and highly-developed fiber optics based color sensors. Due to the outstanding functionality of the PCS-I/PCS-I-F compared with existing devices Silicann is defining a new class of color sensors – compact sensors for perceptive industrial color recognition with very subtle color resolution as a consequence.color processing by XYZ, xyY, DIN99, LAB, LUV
12 bit signal processing
simple 4 key operation
up to 10 kHz scanning frequency
color resolution DE(Lab) ≤ 1
ambient light suppression
RS232 interface
3 output ports
white light LED

Eltrotec Fibre optics
About fibre optics
Fibre-optics are optical components wich use the principle of total reflection to transmit light along a path of any optional shape. Each individual fibre comprises a core of highly refractive glass in a cladding of low refraction.

Eltrotec Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
machine building
packaging industry
warehouse and conveyor technics
mounting and handling technics
Auf- und Abwicklungssteuerung
print and paper production

Eltrotec Product Range: Laser light barrier
5-1300mm distance
(different types

Eltrotec WLCS-LD800
three-area colour recognition with red, green, blue and intensity.
Modulated light from a white light LED-illumination is projected on the measuring surface. Distances from 40 to 800mm can be reached by largely dimensioned optics.
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