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Linearization and correction at over 30 points - performed by the user - without further processing on the PC !
AHLBORN now offers customers a revolutionary new feature - also available with hand-held devices. An option is now available allowing the user to perform linearization and multi-point correction on ALMEMO measuring instruments. Not only all the relevant sensor characteristics but also the linearization or multi-point correction data are saved in the patented ALMEMO connector. The measuring instrument automatically recognizes each sensor that is connected to it and shows the appropriate measured values precisely in its display.
Sensor-specific linearization data can be saved by the user in the connector itself. !
Thanks to further development of the flexible and intelligent ALMEMO connector it is now possible to save complex tables for linearization or multi-point correction - all in the connector itself. For the user this means that it is now also possible to connect sensors with a non-linear output. The device displays measured values already in linearized form; this ensures that the whole process can be monitored right from the outset. A further advantage is the enormous saving in time when evaluating special measuring operations of this nature.  (D.A.)

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