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Flow Measurement device for Professionals    Times:2008/6/20 14:31:25    Count : 4040 Times

The new measuring instrument ALMEMO2490 is the top model for the measurement of different flow rates of air and gases. A range of impellors, thermal anemometers and pitot tubes are available, offering a measurement range between 0.05 and 90 m/s. The high quality measuring technique offers the best accuracy and can be supplied with a calibration certificate if required. In particular, when measuring extractor hoods in laboratories or air conditioning systems there is a high demand for the appropriate accuracy. The equipment also offers outstanding results when used in climate control and ventilation systems. The ALMEMO 2490 is particularly suitable for energy consultants as the instrument capabilities can be extended with the addition of arbitrary sensors for the measurement of humidity, temperature and dampness in building.  If the instrument is used for the measurement of radiant heat then measurements can be acomplished in accordabce with DIN 1946. An optional PC download cable and the appropriate software is availble for further analysis of the measured data. The new ALMEMO 2490 is available at a competitive price and offers many advantages over conventional measurement techniques. Ahlborn Measuring instruments are manufactured by a long established family owned company in Germany. The products are now available online via the new on line ordering AHLBORN web site. (D.A.)

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