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The Advantages of digital humidity sensors    Times:2008/6/20 14:34:39    Count : 3818 Times

Reliable accuracy of humidity measurement presents many physical challenges as sensors working at high humidity over a long term require  regular calibration checks, and often need replacing. New pioneering digital technolgy now makes it possible to store all the sensor characteristics in the humidity sensor itself. This means that an easy and inexpensive exchange can be made at any time locally without having to go through a full system calibration. Ahlborn are now able to offer its customers  capacitive humidity sensors with the advantage of digital technology. The FHA 946 series are equipped with plug in sensor elements that can be simply replaced  without the loss of accuracy. The digital transmission of data ensures no additional errors as is the case with analogue instruments. Factory or DKD calibrations need only be performed on the elements as the accuracy of the cable and measuring device becomes irrelevant. This new technology comes in a tiny package which offers rapid response. In addition to the four climatic variables normally measured such as temperature, humidty, depoint, and the mix ratio, the meter can also show enthalpy and partial vapour pressure. The new sensors are available for both stationary and portable applications. (D.A.)

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