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VTI SCA103T Inclinometer

SCA103T Series - The most accurate MEMS inclinometer in the world

Relying on differential-measurement principles, the 3D MEMS-based SCA103T Series inclinometer provides instrumentation grade performance for leveling applications.

The extremely low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise together with robust sensing element design makes the SCA103T ideal choice for high accuracy leveling instruments. The inclinometers are insensitive to vibration, due to their over damped sensing elements and can withstand mechanical shocks of 20 000g.

  • Measuring ranges ±15° (±0.26g) and ± 30° (±0.5g)

  • 0.001º resolution (10 Hz BW, analog output) 

  • Over damped frequency response by sensing element 

  • Single +5 V supply; ratiometric analog voltage outputs 

  • Digital SPI acceleration/inclination and temperature output

VTI SCA103T Inclinometer
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