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VTI SCA61T Inclinometer

SCA61T Series - High accuracy MEMS inclinometer

The SCA61T Series is equipped with internal temperature measurement and compensation. This together with excellent a long term stability allows very high accuracy over the temperature range -40°C to 125°C.

The sensor does not only have an analogue output with wide load drive capability, but also includes a digital SPI output, over which both acceleration/inclination and temperature can be read.

  • Measuring ranges ±30° (±0.5g) and ± 90° (±1.0g) 

  • 0.003º resolution (10 Hz BW, analog output) 

  • Over damped frequency response by sensing element 

  • Single +5 V supply; ratiometric analog voltage outputs 

  • Digital SPI acceleration/inclination and temperature output

VTI SCA61T Inclinometer
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