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Crash Dummy

The High Speed I-Scan force and pressure measurement system can be used in crash test dummy studies to capture the dynamic pressures and forces that are exerted during an impact. High-Speed I-Scan can identify the temporal, local, peak, and spatial pressures of two objects colliding. With scanning speeds at up to 10kHz, even extremely rapid strikes can be recorded.
Crash Dummy

Crash Dummy Software Display

This information can be used to create safer cars, and bolster dashboard and restraint design, minimizing injury. Sensors are available in different shapes, are reusable, and provide accurate pressure readings. With the help of Tekscan's highly qualified sales and engineering support team, each system may be configured to meet your specific needs.

Left: output of peak pressure exerted upon a crash test dummy抯 knee during high speed impact/collison testing.


  • Identify:
    • Temporal pressure
    • Spatial pressure
    • Localized pressure
    • Peak pressure
  • Research and development
  • Comparitive testing


  • Reduce injuries
  • Design validation
  • Optimize product performance
  • Improve shock absorption
  • Rapid response time
Typical sensors used in this application
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Model #

Sensing Area
Spatial Density
2.20 x 2.20 in (55.9 x 55.9 mm)
400.0/in2 (62.0/cm2)
8.36 x 3.24 in (212.3 x 82.3 mm)
9.7/in2 (1.5/cm2)
2.80 x 2.80 in (71.1 x 71.1 mm)
25.0/in2 (3.9/cm2)
4.41 x 3.78 in (112.0 x 96.0 mm)
2.5/in2 (0.4/cm2)



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