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Leaf Spring Application

The I-Scan?/sup> pressure measurement system is an extremely verstaile tool for leaf spring applications. Because of the sensor抯 unique, thin design (> 0.1mm thick), measurements can be made quickly between two or more mating leaf springs and all at the same time. Once the sensor is in place, dynamic measurements can be taken while the load on the vehicle is increased.

This can be useful for all aspects of leaf spring designs including the selection of materials, assembly techniques and optimization of the clamp design.

Click on either image below to launch a sample leaf spring pressure movie.


2-D output of leaf spring showing high pressure on the outside of the loaded spring (left).
Force vs. Time graph showing the incremental forces as weight is loaded onto the vehicle (right).


  • R&D investigations
  • New product design
  • Quality control
  • Assembly Inspections


  • Brings real contact forces into leaf spring design
  • Assists in leaf spring wear prediction by identifying location of contact loads as a function of vehicle weight
  • Can better choose the optimum liner materials
  • Can evaluate different construction materials
Typical sensors used in this application
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Model #

Sensing Area
Spatial Density
4.40 x 4.40 in (111.8 x 111.8 mm)
100.0/in2 (15.5/cm2)
12.10 x 3.4 in (307.3 x 86.4 mm)
36.4/in2 (5.6/cm2)
3.75 x 2.10 in (95.3 x 53.3 mm)
177.8/in2 (27.6/cm2)


For further information, refer to the I-Scan?/sup> system



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